• Botanical Foam Wrap Soufflé
    Botanical Foam Wrap Soufflé

    Syntonics​ Botanical Foam Wrap Soufflé 8.1 fl oz (240 ml).

    with Green Tea and Calendula.

    A styling mousse enriched with natural herbs that enhance the health of the scalp. Adds incredible body, remarkable bounce and a…

    € 14,65
  • Herbal Conditioning Hairdress
    Herbal Conditioning Hairdress

    Syntonics Herbal Conditioning Hairdress 7 oz (200 g).

    with Tea Tree Oil, Shea Butter and Carrot Oil.

    Is a light formula that provides a natural sheen without leaving the hair heavy. Helps retain the proper moisture balance for…

    € 14,05
  • being reformulated

    Botanical High Sheen Spray Laminate
    Botanical High Sheen Spray Laminate

    Syntonics Botanical High Sheen Spray Laminate 4 fl oz (120 ml).

    with Humidity Guard.

    Detangles. Guards against humidity. Helps protect against thermal and UV damage. Produces high shine. Seals cuticles. Minimizes moisture loss.…

    € 18,10
  • Edge Define Hairline Smoother
    Edge Define Hairline Smoother

    Syntonics Edge Define Hairline Smoother 4 oz (115 g).

    with Phyto Extracts.

    Provides shine and ultimate frizz-free control for sleeked-back hairlines and short tapered nape areas. Gives a lasting hold and keeps edges from…

    € 16,05
  • being reformulated

    Botanical Spritz and Shine
    Botanical Spritz and Shine

    Syntonics Botanical Spritz and Shine 7.8 fl oz (230 ml).

    with Green Tea and Calendula.

    Does not wet the hair and dries fast without flaking and build up. Provides soft to medium hold for optimal styling control and versatility.…

    € 14,05
  • Shea-Coconut Light Moisturizing Crème
    Shea-Coconut Light Moisturizing Crème

    Syntonics Shea-Coconut Light Moisturizing Crème 8 oz (227 g).

    with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Rice Bran Oil.

    This amazing hair and scalp oil moisturizer penetrates the hair shaft to hydrate and then seals the cuticle layer…

    € 18,10
  • -50%

    Ocean Bae Sea Salt Spray
    Ocean Bae Sea Salt Spray

    Uberliss Ocean Bae Sea Salt Spray 4 fl oz (118 ml).

    infused with Mediterranean Sea Salt.

    Allows you to be in control of how much wave you want in your hair.

    Use on damp hair, scrunch and let air dry to get tousled, sexy, beachy…

    € 23,06 € 11,53


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