• Fiber Expander (step 1)
    Fiber Expander (step 1)

    Uberliss Fiber Expander 16 fl oz (475 ml).

    ​Prepares the hair for the restructuring of fibers, expanding the cuticles and also acts as a conditioner for the cortex.

    ​Directions: Before applying the product, shampoo the hair…

  • Fiber Restructure  (step 2)
    Fiber Restructure (step 2)

    Uberliss Fiber Restructure 16 fl oz (475 ml).

    Is the world's most advanced keratin treatment. Our exclusive Triple Blend complex of Keratin, Cysteine and Buriti will repair your client's hair fibers, and leave the hair with…

  • Frizz Elixir
    Frizz Elixir

    Uberliss Frizz Elixir 4.5 fl oz (133 ml).

    with Vitamin E, Marula Oil and Moringa Oil. 2-in-1 Thermal Protection and Anti-Humidity Spray.

    The Uberliss Frizz Elixir provides dual protection against humidity/frizz and thermal…

    € 31,20
  • Smoothing RituOil
    Smoothing RituOil

    Uberliss Smoothing RituOil 1.3 fl oz (38 ml).

    with Orchid and Argan Oil Complex.

    Quench your hair's thirst with the amazing Uberliss Smoothing RituOil. Featuring a lightweight blend of Orchid and Argan Oil. It will leave your…

    € 30,95
  • Hydrating Shampoo
    Hydrating Shampoo

    Uberliss Hydrating Shampoo 8.45 fl oz (250 ml) and 32 fl oz (946 ml).

    SLS-Free with Royal Jelly, Fruit Extracts and Keratin.

    Who said sulfate-free shampoos never foam? The Uberliss Hydrating Shampoo is a sulfate-free shampoo…

    € 27,40
  • Hydrating Conditioner
    Hydrating Conditioner

    Uberliss Hydrating Conditioner 8.45 fl oz (250 ml) and 32 fl oz (946 ml).

    with Royal Jelly, Fruit Extracts and Keratin.

    What is the secret weapon to maintaining frizz free & hydrated hair? The Uberliss Hydrating Conditioner!…

    € 29,10
  • Ocean Bae Sea Salt Spray
    Ocean Bae Sea Salt Spray

    Uberliss Ocean Bae Sea Salt Spray 4 fl oz (118 ml).

    infused with Mediterranean Sea Salt.

    Allows you to be in control of how much wave you want in your hair.

    Use on damp hair, scrunch and let air dry to get tousled, sexy, beachy…

    € 23,05
  • Bond Regenerator
    Bond Regenerator

    Uberliss Bond Regenerator 17.75 fl oz (525 ml).

    Creates crosslinks to generate new bonds in damaged hair fibers during color processing and lightening. Tensile strength remains at 98% when using 40 volume developer and powder…

  • Bond Shampoo
    Bond Shampoo

    Uberliss Bond Shampoo 17.75 fl oz (525 ml).

    Sulfate free cleanser that preserves the newly created bonds during bond regeneration.

  • Bond Amplifier
    Bond Amplifier

    Uberliss Bond Amplifier 17.75 fl oz (525 ml).

    Reinforces the newly formed bonds. Cream-based conditioner that contains the active compound featured in Bond Regenerator. Reduces hair porosity and eliminates combing damage.

  • Bond Sustainer
    Bond Sustainer

    Uberliss Bond Sustainer 3 oz (89 ml).

    Maintains the bonds created by the Bond Treatment. Uberliss Bond Sustainer keeps the hair healthy and strong. Preserves fiber elasticity.

    Directions: after Uberliss Hydrating Shampoo has…

    € 30,65


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